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RE: emacs hangs entering password

From: Mehul Choube
Subject: RE: emacs hangs entering password
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2009 11:43:21 +0530

>>>Well, in this case please set tramp-verbose to 8, and rerun the test.
>> There will be two buffers *tramp ...* and *debug tramp ...* which you

>> might show us.
>> How to see those 2 buffers? Once the password is entered emacs hangs 
>> and only responds on C-g.

>C-x C-b lists you all buffers. You can select the buffer in the Buffer
List; with RET you enter the buffer then.

>The buffers might contain non-printable characters; try to encode the
contents before sending, it could be important.

I hope you will pardon my ignorance but I am not able to see the 2
buffers. This is what is happening:

If I do C-x C-b before running tramp the buffer list shows following:

.%  *GNU Emacs*            806  Fundamental
  * *Messages*             127  Fundamental
  *scratch*              191  Lisp Interaction

So what I do is

C-x C-b ----> at this point I see only above buffer list. No *tramp ...*
or *tramp debug ...*. 
              I think tramp command is not called so they shouldn't be
there rite?
C-x b *Messages*
C-x C-f /ssh:address@hidden:/home/mchoube/work/src/Makefile ---> at this
point emacs hangs. I have to do C-g for emacs to respond.

Please let me know if I missing or doing something wrong here. My .emacs
look like this:

> cat ~/.emacs
(require 'tramp)

(custom-set-variables '(tramp-verbose 8))

(setq tramp-debug-buffer t)

(setq shell-prompt-pattern "[A-Za-z]* \[1\]: ")


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