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Re: Problem saving modified tramp buffers

From: Martin Apel
Subject: Re: Problem saving modified tramp buffers
Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2010 09:29:09 +0100
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Hi Michael,

Michael Albinus wrote:
Martin Apel <address@hidden> writes:

I'm experiencing a problem with not being able to save buffers using
tramp anymore. This used to work before, and I suspect
that the network configuration changed somehow, which now irritates
tramp, so it cannot save anymore. But this may also be
a wrong track.

I don't believe so. Tramp tries to open the connection "/scp:address@hidden:",
which simply does not exist.

>From the traces it is not clear why it does. My guess is that you have
set a wrong backup directory name or something like this.

You can test this by starting "emacs -Q", and checking whether there are
still problems.

Sorry for the delay on my side, I was on vacation.

Using 'emacs -Q' was a good tip. I finally found the culprit: I had added a line
in my .emacs file, which seems to cause the problem. File Shadowing and Tramp do not seem to get along well, I
already filed a bug report (#4846) for file shadowing in the emacs bug database. I tried to use file shadowing for files on a FTP server opened via Tramp.
I disabled file shadowing completely now, and saving tramp buffers works again.


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