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Re: Weird behaviour when entering the filename

From: Francis Moreau
Subject: Re: Weird behaviour when entering the filename
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2010 11:58:46 +0100

On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 10:58 AM, Michael Albinus
<address@hidden> wrote:
> Francis Moreau <address@hidden> writes:
>> Hello Michael,
> Hi,
>> I checked and uuencode/uudecode are not installed, they've been
>> probably disabled during the busybux configuration.
>> FYI, perl is not installed either.
> Tramp checks for the following methods for encoding/decoding (see
> `tramp-remote-coding-commands'):
> ((b64 "base64" "base64 -d")
>  (b64 "mimencode -b" "mimencode -u -b")
>  (b64 "mmencode -b" "mmencode -u -b")
>  (b64 "recode data..base64" "recode")
>  (b64 tramp-perl-encode-with-module tramp-perl-decode-with-module)
>  (b64 tramp-perl-encode tramp-perl-decode)
>  (uu "uuencode xxx" "uudecode -o /dev/stdout")
>  (uu "uuencode xxx" "uudecode -o -")
>  (uu "uuencode xxx" "uudecode -p")
>  (uu "uuencode xxx" tramp-uudecode)
>  (pack "perl -e 'binmode STDIN; binmode STDOUT; print pack(q{u*}, join q{}, 
> <>)'" "perl -e 'binmode STDIN; binmode STDOUT; print unpack(q{u*}, join q{}, 
> <>)'"))
> If none of the commands base64, mimencode, mmencode, recode, uuencode,
> perl are available on your remote device, Tramp cannot apply file
> copying. You can see directory listings, and you can call remote
> processes in a limited manner, but that's it.

I finally installed uuencode/uudecode but it's still failing to read
the remote file, I attached the tramp debug trace.

Maybe you pass some options to uudecode which are not recognized by
busybox version ?


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