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Re: auto-revert-mode and tramp

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: auto-revert-mode and tramp
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 15:28:34 +0100
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Joe Snikeris <address@hidden> writes:

> It appears that these two modes are not cooperating.  That is, if the
> remote file changes, auto-revert-mode does not pick up the changes and
> revert the buffer.
> Any ideas of how to get a buffer opened with tramp to automatically
> revert itself if changed?

The autorevert maintainer(s) have decided to take remote files out of
the game. See the Commentary in autorevert.el:

;; Since checking a remote file is too slow, these modes do not check
;; or revert remote files.

With Emacs 23.2, auto-revert-tail-mode will work for remote files. You
can try any of the Emacs 23.1.9x prereleases.

Best regards, Michael.

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