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Re: [tramp-gvfs + webdav] How to make it mount particular share, not roo

From: Sergej Pupykin
Subject: Re: [tramp-gvfs + webdav] How to make it mount particular share, not root server directory
Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 19:43:02 +0400
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Now it mounts successfully. 'make-directory' can create directory on
server, but find-file says
'File not found and directory is write protected'

I try to C-x C-f '/dav:address@hidden:dav/test.txt' however
Maybe you try '/dav:address@hidden:/dav/test.txt' can be opened
Also 'gvfs-cat dav://address@hidden/dav/test.txt' works.

How can I help to debug this issue?
(setq tramp-verbose 10)

Rerun the test. There will be a debug buffer which tells us something,
hopefully. If not, we add other traces.

What happens, if you say 'ls -lR ~/.gvfs/' from the shell?

I found the problem. It was in 2 copies of dbus. One for gvfsd, one for emacs.

Now editing and saving works.

It does not want to work properly with test.txt, because of autosaved data I think, but it is not problem.

So I am waiting for new emacs version with fresh tramp :)

Thanks again.

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