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problems with access to Windows_NT server

From: Seb
Subject: problems with access to Windows_NT server
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2010 16:56:30 -0500
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Trying to access the FTP site
(instructions described in by using
'/address@hidden:/' I get this trace:

---<--------------------cut here---------------start------------------->---
Debugger entered--Lisp error: (error "No such file or directory 
  signal(error ("No such file or directory `/address@hidden:/'"))
  error("No such file or directory `%s'" "/address@hidden:/")
  call-interactively(dired-at-point nil nil)
---<--------------------cut here---------------end--------------------->---

I can interact with that directory from a browser (konqueror) at without problems.  I'm told that the
problem might be that ange-FTP doesn't understand Windows NT directory
listing format.  Logging in from the shell shows no problems:

---<--------------------cut here---------------start------------------->---
$ ftp
Connected to
220-Microsoft FTP Service
220 Welcome on CRANwinGuest
Name ( anonymous
331 Anonymous access allowed, send identity (e-mail name) as password.
230-Before uploading source packages to R-release, R-patched or R-devel, please 
    * You are using this service on your own risk!
    * We do not guarantee privacy of the uploaded
    files or data in any way: Names of uploaded
    packages are always listable by everybody.
    After the compilation process we try to hide
    the binary package as well as the logs using
    randomly chosen directory names.
    Nevertheless, everybody who knows or guesses
    those names can download the.
    * Although virus checking is performed on the
    compiled binary packages, we do not guarantee
    that files made available for download are
    free of malware (such as viruses or trojans).
    * The results of R CMD check are returned from
    a particular given system with a particular
    setup and might not be reproducible on other
    systems. Hence we do not guarantee for the
    results of R CMD check.
230 Anonymous user logged in.
Remote system type is Windows_NT.
ftp> dir
200 PORT command successful.
150 Opening ASCII mode data connection for /bin/ls.
04-16-07  03:41PM       <DIR>          R-devel
12-22-06  11:21AM                  869 ReadMe.txt
07-02-07  08:18PM       <DIR>          R-release
226 Transfer complete.
ftp> bye
221 Goodbye from CRANwinGuest
---<--------------------cut here---------------end--------------------->---

Any tips on what the problem is via TRAMP in Emacs?  Thanks.



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