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Re: dired on freebsd machine does not get file permissions, lists horiz

From: Terrence Brannon
Subject: Re: dired on freebsd machine does not get file permissions, lists horizontally
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 09:56:13 -0400

On Thu, Jul 15, 2010 at 7:38 AM, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote:
Terrence Brannon <address@hidden> writes:

> mmm9500 # /bin/ls --color=never -al /u/autobahn/scripts/.
> ls: -al: No such file or directory
> /u/autobahn/scripts/.:
> cgi             cron            diy             remote          tmp
> cgi_login       daemon          fork            shell           transaction
> cgi_obj         database        generic         system

OK, your /bin/ls does not like the order of the arguments. What happens,
if you call

# /bin/ls -al --color=never /u/autobahn/scripts/.

address@hidden:/root] /bin/ls -al --color=never /u/autobahn/scripts/.
total 9
drwxr-x---  16 devel  devel   512 Apr 28 17:03 .
drwxr-xr-x  21 devel  devel   512 Jun  1 15:57 ..
drwxr-x---   2 devel  devel   512 Apr 28 17:03 cgi
drwxr-x---   2 devel  devel   512 Mar 20  2006 cgi_login


Furthermore, during its initialization, Tramp checks whether the
"--color=never" argument can be applied. What do you see when calling

# /bin/ls --color=never /

What is the return code?

How would I get the return code? Here is the output:

address@hidden:/root] /bin/ls --color=never /
.Xauthority compat
.bash_history dev
.cshrc etc
.dist_version foo.c
.exrc foo.c.33.mach
.forward home
.gnupg kernel
.lftp kernel.old
.lftprc lost+found
.lsof_mmm9500 mmm9500
.profile mnt
.rhosts modules
.sqsh_history nsr
.sqsh_readline opt
.ssh proc
.tramp_history root
.wshttymode sbin
01mailrc.txt.gz service
02packages.details.txt.gz special stand
a.out u
backup usr
bin var
boot xit


Best regards, Michael.

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