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Re: Directory tracking and completions in tramp remote shells

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Directory tracking and completions in tramp remote shells
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 2010 12:31:30 +0100
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"Christian Millour (AB TELA)" <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,

Hi Christian,

> consider a tramp remote shell obtained for instance by C-x C-f 
> /plink:address@hidden: ~/foo, and then C-u M-x shell in this buffer.
> currently directory tracking and completions do not work in tramp
> remote shells for absolute pathnames.


> I have tried to upgrade tramp (latest version, but that should apply
> to 2.1.19-pre just as well) so that this variable would be set
> automatically. The logical place seems to be in
> tramp-sh-handle-start-file-process, as follows :

Thanks for your analysis. Actually, this is fixed already in Emacs
24.0.50, see <>. The
patch looks similar to yours, but it is applied in comint.el.

Emacs 23.3 starts its pretest this weekend; only fixing regressions
shall be applied. I guess this patch does not fall into this category.

> but unfortunately it seems that the value get reset by the final call
> to (shell-mode) in shell (the lisp funtion). This is weird because I
> don't see where shell-mode (actually "define-derived-mode shell") sets
> this variable, or why it should set it. At this point I have however
> reached the limit of my emacs savvyness (I don't know in depth how
> derived modes work, and how to instrument and step into a derived
> mode) and am at a loss as where to go next... Any idea ? Is this the
> right place or should I raise it on emacs-devel ?

All major modes call during their initialization phase
`kill-all-local-variables'. If you want to make a local variable
persistent, you must give it the `permanent-local' property.

> Thanks in advance, and best regards, Christian.

Best regards, Michael.

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