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Re: tramp-adb.el (Access Android devices filesystem using Emacs)

From: Jürgen Hötzel
Subject: Re: tramp-adb.el (Access Android devices filesystem using Emacs)
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 18:01:17 +0200

Hi  Michael,

2011/5/15 Michael Albinus <address@hidden>:
> Nice package. I don't use adb myself (yet), therefore just some comments
> by code reading:

Thanks for your feedback!
I just started to acquaint myself with tramp internals: Your comments
are very helpful and I implemented most of your suggestions.

> Some functions are missing. You have a handler for rename-file, but none
> for copy-file. And if you want to reuse tramp-sh-handle-rename-file, you
> would need to load tramp-sh.el.

Sadly "cp"  is not available on the Android system. I consider using
"cat input >output.txt".

> tramp-barf-unless-okay calls tramp-send-command, you use
> tramp-adb-send-command. Are both functions equivalent?

I implemented tramp-adb-send-command, because "stty" is also missing
on the Android system and there is no other way to disable "echo" of
I manually delete "echoed" commands: Maybe there is a better way/workaround?

> 221     (tramp-flush-file-property v (file-name-directory localname))
> 222     (tramp-flush-directory-property v localname)
> You have kept the tramp-flush-* functions. It might be a good idea to
> apply the property setting functions as well.

This is directly adopted from tramp-smb-handle-delete-file.
Which property can be set when deleting files?

> I do not know too much about adb. Is it necessary to call adb again and
> again? Or does it have an interactive mode (like smbclient), which could
> be used? The latter case, if possible, would perform better IMHO.

Indeed. Sadly adb just provides an interactive shell running on the
Android device. File-Transfer is also done by adb: But only using
command-line switches.


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