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Re: Using sudo with authinfo file.

From: Michael Jacobson
Subject: Re: Using sudo with authinfo file.
Date: Mon, 16 May 2011 19:43:13 -0500


With Emacs 23, auth-source.el has been added to Emacs core. IIRC, there
are changes in the interface. Likely, you need to add "port sudo" in
your ~/authinfo. See <>
for discussion.

Adding 'port sudo'  to the authinfo file is what I thought I needed to do as well. However this does not help. I just tested this again to verify.  I am still prompted for a password even with:
machine login mike password secret port ssh
machine login mike password secret port sudo

I was incorrect to say Emacs23. I do not have any issues with Emacs 23.1. Looks like the issue is in 23.2 and later.

I tested this again with auth-source .el file provided by emacs23.1.1 (where it works), and I am still prompted for  password.

Also, I was investigating this further tonight and it looks like the issue started with the addition of the call to "with-parsed-tramp-file-name" in the "tramp-read-passwd" function.
Commenting out this call fixes the issue of getting a prompted for a password when connecting to the remote host with sudo. This was with the latest tramp 2.2.1.

Any other ideas for trouble shooting this?
Best regards, Michael.



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