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Re: py-execute-region temporary buffers

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: py-execute-region temporary buffers
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 14:30:18 +0200
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Paul Northug <address@hidden> writes:
Hi Paul,

> I had removed file-remote-p as it was not defined. I added (require
> 'tramp) at the top of the python-mode.el file and was able to use it
> as you suggested.

file-remote-p exists outside Tramp, at least since Emacs 22.

> I also used py-temp-directory of /tmp. I tried to use
> '~/.py-temp-directory' but ~ resolves to /Users/paul on my client (a
> Mac) and /home/paul on the host (Linux) so that didn't work.

Why not? If you create /Users/paul/.py-temp-directory and
/home/paul/.py-temp-directory manually in advance on the respective
host, it shall work.

Or you write a function, which checks the existence of the temp
directory, and which applies make-directory in case it is missing.

> This is with python-mode-5.1.
> Thanks,
> Paul.

Best regards, Michael.

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