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Re: remoting ESS/R with tramp

From: Tom Roche
Subject: Re: remoting ESS/R with tramp
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:27:00 -0500
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Tom Roche Thu, 12 Jan 2012 11:56:25 -0500
>>> * I have access to the cluster [where I want to run R] configured
>>>   [in .ssh/config] such that I can `ssh t` from commandline.

>>> 1 I can open an R file on the cluster with
>>>   `C-x C-f /t:/home/me/onlyOrigDN2.r`
>>>   from my laptop, and note the following

>>> *Messages*
>>> > Tramp: Opening connection for t using scpc...done
>>> > Tramp: Encoding remote file /scpc:t:/home/me/onlyOrigDN2.r [...]
>>> > Tramp: Decoding remote file /scpc:t:/home/me/onlyOrigDN2.r [...]
>>> > Wrote /tmp/tramp.62007lZ.r
>>> > Tramp: Decoding remote file /scpc:t:/home/me/onlyOrigDN2.r [...]
>>> > Tramp: Inserting local temp file `/tmp/tramp.62007lZ.r'...done
>>> ...

>>>   If I do `C-h m` in the resulting buffer, I get

>>> > Enabled minor modes: [lots ..., then]
>>> > ESS[S] mode defined in `ess-mode.el':
>>> > Major mode for editing ESS source.

>>> 2 From the resulting buffer, if I run `M-x R`, I get the following
>>>   prompt and default response in the minibuffer:

>>> > ESS [S(R): R (newest)] starting data directory? /scpc:t:/home/me/

>>>   If I accept that (i.e., hit Enter) I get

>>> *Messages*
>>> > Type C-h m for help on ESS version 5.14
>>> > Cannot read history file /scpc:t:/home/me/.Rhistory
>>> > Tramp: Opening connection for t using scpc...
>>> >
>>> > Opening connection for t using scpc... \
>>> > Tramp: Opening connection for t using scpc...done
>>> > trying to (re)start process R for language S ...

>>>   followed by the same minibuffer prompt and default response (but
>>>   no error message or buffer=*ESS-errors*).

Rodney Sparapani Thu, 12 Jan 2012 12:09:18 -0600 (rearranged)
>> This may be no solace, but it just works for me out of the box.

It's comforting in that it validates my belief that this *should* work.
(And also that some ESS docs, e.g.,

need updating. I mean, tramp's been part of GNU emacs since ... 21? 22?)

>> I just remotely tramp a file. Then, in that buffer do a M-x R
>> For me, that opens a remote R session; no ssh.el required.

When you do `M-x R`, what prompt and default response do you get?
I'm thinking I need to play with tramp method ...

>> The one exception is that graphics don't pop open

Rodney Sparapani Thu, 12 Jan 2012 14:16:27 -0600
> The graphics issue seems to be related to the fact that (for me)
> while using tramp, the DISPLAY variable is unset. This is not really
> an ESS issue per se,

Dunno: it could be an ESS issue or a tramp issue. Worth looking into
... after I get the base functionality working :-)

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