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Tramp mosh method

From: Ted Zlatanov
Subject: Tramp mosh method
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 20:53:49 -0400
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I'd like to use the very cool mosh client on my laptop.  If you haven't
tried mosh yet, it's a UDP-based client that establishes the connection
via SSH and then maintains a login across network timeouts and all kinds
of outages; indispensable when you are on the road or on a flaky

It only takes address@hidden as parameters.  -p specifies the UDP port so it's
not the usual -p for SSH; you have use ~/.ssh/config to specify the
port.  It also doesn't take the SSH -o options, again relying on
~/.ssh/config to specify them.  I hope that explains why I modified
`tramp-login-args' the way I did, starting with the "ssh" method.

I tried adding this to my setup but the `mosh' method complains any host
is not remote.  Could you advise?  Is it the removal of the "-p" command
so there is no %p in the login args?


#+begin_src lisp
   (tramp-login-program "/usr/local/bin/mosh")
   (tramp-remote-shell "/bin/sh")
   (tramp-default-port 22)))

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