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Re: Default temporary directory in Windows/NTEmacs

From: Andy Sheen
Subject: Re: Default temporary directory in Windows/NTEmacs
Date: Sun, 09 Dec 2012 19:06:34 +0000
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Hi Michael,

Michael Albinus wrote on Sat 08 Dec at 12:50 UK time

> See (info "(elisp)Unique File Names")

Thanks. This was useful.

> Setting %TMPDIR% to a proper value before starting Emacs shall do the job.

It looks like the temporary-file-directory is set using the %TEMP%
variable if more than one of TEMP, TMPDIR and TMP are set.
Unfortunately, TEMP is already set to a Windows style path and I can't
remember what uses it (whether it is a Windows or cygwin program!), so I
don't really want to change it.

I will investigate some more. Thanks

> Best regards, Michael.


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