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Re: Tramp mosh method

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Tramp mosh method
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 20:42:44 +0100
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Ted Zlatanov <address@hidden> writes:

> MA> As I have shown the other message, this is not needed.
> OK.  Your original example had it so I thought you had overlooked it.

There I thought we will have an own tramp-mosh.el. But that's not needed.

> MA> This is the wrong place to add the filter. See my appended patch.
> With your code that works for you, from Debian to CentOS, I'm getting a
> hang (only `C-g' aborts) to localhost or to wd01, and mosh-client is
> running so the "mosh" command is hanging without output.  The level 10
> debug log is below.  I don't see any output from the process filter.
> Weird.

Please use tramp-verbose 10. For me it is hanging as well; your filter
implementation is missing :-)

> Ted

Best regards, Michael.

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