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tramp (2.2.7); tramp does not distinguish connections differentiated by

From: Tzvi Edelman
Subject: tramp (2.2.7); tramp does not distinguish connections differentiated by port number
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2013 18:38:59 +0300

Hi Tramp-Devel,

When I attempt to use tramp in the same emacs session to connect to different hosts sitting behind a single router (distinguished by different port numbers), I only get files from the host to which I first connected via that router in that session.


- open /ssh:address@hidden:/etc/hostname
  results as  expected.

- open /ssh:address@hidden:/etc/hostname
  Emacs Message: /ssh:address@hidden:/etc/hostname and /ssh:address@hidden:/etc/hostname are the same file

- independent demo of differentiation:
  $ for port in 30 32; do ssh -p $port address@hidden sum /etc/hostname; done
  20289     1
  53057     1

Yes, I can construct workarounds to circumvent this bug, but I'd much rather that Tramp deal with this correctly and not treat all connections to the same hostname as the same when they have different port numbers.

Perhaps a clue to the cause of this bug can be seen in the name of buffer "*tramp/ssh address@hidden*" used for both connections; it does not include a port# in the buffer name.

I attach the data created by tramp-bug as tramp-bug.txt and the buffer as address@hidden

Please send me a patch that I can apply to what I downloaded from

Thanks - Tzvi.
Tzvi Edelman cell:+972-50-849-8805 USphone:+1(732)418-1432 <address@hidden>

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