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tramp-connection-timeout have no effect

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: tramp-connection-timeout have no effect
Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2014 11:11:27 +0100
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Hi Michael,
It seems tramp-connection-timeout have no effect, its default value of
60 is not honoured.

If I do (from emacs -Q):
C-x C-f /sudo:: RET

There is here two use cases:

1) I have an entry for the user passwd in .authinfo.gpg
   I am prompted or not (depending of timeout of gpg-agent)
   for my gpg passwd, and connected, all is fine here.

2) I have no entries for this in .authinfo.gpg and timeout of gpg-agent
   is elapsed.
   I am prompted for gpg passwd (in pinentry for me, maybe emacs if no
   gpg-agent is active)
   once done I am prompted for my user passwd, but the timeout (tramp)
   is nearly elapsed (however about 15s or maxi if I go slowly to type passwd
   20s is elapsed) and at half of my user passwd the prompt go away.

You can verify this like this:

Assume you already entered the gpg passwd.

C-x C-f /sudo:: RET

you are prompted for user passwd, do nothing and wait, you will see you
don't have to wait 60s (tramp-connection-timeout) before the prompt goes

I have solved the problem in helm by disabling the timeout, but I have
no ideas if it have security consequences.


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