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Re: Using a 'bastion' - issue when providing password

From: SENESI Stéphane
Subject: Re: Using a 'bastion' - issue when providing password
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2014 11:21:09 +0200 (CEST)

Missing items :
    Emacs - version is 24.3.1
    Tramp version is 2.2.5

De: "SENESI Stéphane" <address@hidden>
À: address@hidden
Envoyé: Vendredi 3 Octobre 2014 11:05:50
Objet: Using a 'bastion' - issue when providing password

Dear Tramp users, and very dear Tramp guru

I love Tramp, and have used it for long.

The team in charge of network security issues at my office recently set up a bastion ( I must use it, from inside my office network, for connecting to a remote host.

Outside of Emacs, I can issue this command :
    ssh -t bel address@hidden
which actually,  :
    - logs me in the bastion using my ssh key (because 'bel' here refers to an entry in my ~/.ssh/config file which tells which is the bastion hostname, and which account should be used there)
    - as far as I understand, let the bastion analyze the last arg (address@hidden) and inits a ssh connection to the target host
    - prompts me with my password on the remote host
    - and successfully opens the ssh session

What I cannot do is to log in with the bastion and then issue a ssh command for loging in with the remote host. I can only either provide the account and remote host as shown above, or provide no argument, but log in with the bastion and then type in a digit for selecting a remote account in a list (which instructs the basion to open the relevant ssh connection). So, I cannot use a multi-hop method, and I devised a ssh-based method for issuing the command quoted above, this way :

(add-to-list 'tramp-methods '("bc" (tramp-login-program "ssh") (tramp-login-args ( ("-t" "bel") ("address@hidden") )) (tramp-async-args (("-q"))) (tramp-remote-shell "/bin/sh") (tramp-remote-shell-args ("-c")) (tramp-gw-args (("-o" "GlobalKnownHostsFile=/dev/null") ("-o" "UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null") ("-o" "StrictHostKeyChecking=no"))) (tramp-default-port 22)))

(I actually hacked a bit function tramp-compute-multi-hops in tramp-sh.el in order to allow that "address@hidden" as the same role as "%h" and so does not raise any error w.r.t. to the test commented that way :  "In case the host name is not used for the remote shell command, the user could be misguided by applying a random hostname")

However, this does not work with Tramp, which gets hanged. Maybe more significant is the fact that actually, the same command does not work either under any shell buffer or telnet buffer in Emacs. The symptom is : once prompted for the password, and after having carefully typed it in, I get the answer "Can't etablished SSH Session: Authentification by password failed."  (The attached tramp debug buffer content is less explicit on the issue ) . The wording of the answer indicates that it is issued by the bastion (and not by the remote host)

I wonder wether the issue is that :
    - either some general mechanics in Emacs do add some unwanted character to my password typing before delivering ot to the bastion
    - or the bastion really does not like to talk with Emacs, for some reason which I do not know, but which may have to do with environment settings ?

Any help would be welcome


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