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Re: Enable adb port in tramp adb

From: Ashi
Subject: Re: Enable adb port in tramp adb
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 21:00:28 +0800

Hi, Michael,

On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 7:33 PM, Michael Albinus <address@hidden> wrote:
Ashi <address@hidden> writes:

> Hi, Michael,

Hi Zhongwei,

>     - If adb is in usb mode, port numbers are not applicable.
>     Shouldn't we
>     discover this? Or should we switch to tcpip mode, whenever a port
>     number is specified in the remote file name?
> Yes, agree. I think we can make tramp inform user that if it is in USB
> mode, user should not add port number and if it is in TCPIP mode, user
> should not specify port number. What do you think?

The second half of your proposal I don't understand. If adb is in tcpip
mode, I believe a user should be able to specify a port number.

Sorry, a typo here. I mean in TCPIP mode, user should specify port number. If not, tramp can inform it.

> And switching to tcpip mode may not available in some case, e.g. the
> device has not enable wifi. And in my experience, USB mode is more
> reliable compared with TCPIP mode. TCPIP mode is not very stable
> especially it is connected by weak wifi signal. So when possible, I
> always prefer USB mode.

Agreed. We shouldn't switch the adb mode silently.

>     - If adb is in tcpip mode, a user *must* specify the port number
>     according to your patch. Otherwise, the ip address wouldn't be
>     detected by `tramp-adb-parse-device-names', because "adb devices"
>     lists all devices with their respective port number. This sounds
>     unfortune.
> Should we add a default port number here, such as 5555?

No, because you don't know what's the default one. IIUC, a user could
have enabled tcpip mode via

# adb tcpip 1234
OK, let leave it as it is.

>     Shouldn't it be better that we investigate, why `set-file-times'
>     behaves that strange? It doesn't happen, when I test with my Nexus
>     S (running Android 4.1).
> Agree, I will try to take a deep look at it.

Best regards,

> Best regards,
> Zhongwei

Best regards, Michael.

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