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tramp (2.2.9-24.4); Customize group "Tramp" empty

From: Andrea Rossetti
Subject: tramp (2.2.9-24.4); Customize group "Tramp" empty
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2014 21:12:00 +0100


  when I do the following recipe:

- emacs -Q 
- M-x customize RET
- click on group "Communication"
- click on group "Tramp"

  I get the message "Emacs not compiled with dbus support" and
the customization group page shows no options at all.

  In my environment M-S-; (featurep 'dbusbind) RET returns nil.

  If I type M-x toggle-debug-on-error RET and redo the recipe,
I get the following debugger messages:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (dbus-error "Emacs not compiled with dbus 
  signal(dbus-error ("Emacs not compiled with dbus support"))
  dbus-call-method(:session "org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" "/org/gtk/vfs/mounttracker" 
  byte-code("\304      \n\305\306\307&\207" [bus service path 
dbus-interface-introspectable dbu
  dbus-introspect(:session "org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" "/org/gtk/vfs/mounttracker")
  byte-code("\304\305!.rq\210\306\216\307      \n#c\210\310ed\"+\207" 
[temp-buffer bus service pa
  dbus-introspect-xml(:session "org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" "/org/gtk/vfs/mounttracker")
  dbus-introspect-get-interface(:session "org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" 
"/org/gtk/vfs/mounttracker" "org.gtk.v
  dbus-introspect-get-method-names(:session "org.gtk.vfs.Daemon" 
"/org/gtk/vfs/mounttracker" "
  (defconst tramp-gvfs-methods-mounttracker (dbus-introspect-get-method-names 
:session tramp-gvfs-se
  custom-load-widget((custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state unknown 
:tag "Tramp" :value 
  custom-group-value-create((custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state 
unknown :tag "Tramp" 
  widget-apply((custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state unknown :tag 
"Tramp" :value tramp)
  widget-default-create((custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state 
unknown :tag "Tramp" :val
  widget-apply((custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state unknown :tag 
"Tramp" :value tramp)
  widget-create(custom-group :documentation-shown t :custom-state unknown :tag 
"Tramp" :value tramp)
  #[257 "address@hidden@!\307.  @&      \207" [widget-create :documentation-
  mapcar(#[257 "address@hidden@!\307.   @&      \207" [widget-create :docume
  custom-buffer-create-internal(((tramp custom-group)) " for group Tramp")
  custom-buffer-create(((tramp custom-group)) "*Customize Group: Tramp*" " for 
group Tramp")
  custom-group-link-action(... (mouse-2 (#<window 3 on *Customize Group: 
Tramp*> 949 (19 . 455) 6297
  widget-apply(... :action (mouse-2 (#<window 3 on *Customize Group: Tramp*> 
949 (19 . 455) 6297011 
  #[0 "\306 r\307\310\311\312\313\314.!\315\"address@hidden
  funcall(#[0 "\306 r\307\310\311\312\313\314.!\315\"address@hidden
  widget-button-click((mouse-2 (#<window 3 on *Customize Group: Tramp*> 949 (19 
. 455) 6297011 nil 9
  widget-move-and-invoke((mouse-2 (#<window 3 on *Customize Group: Tramp*> 949 
(19 . 455) 6297011 ni
  funcall-interactively(widget-move-and-invoke (mouse-2 (#<window 3 on 
*Customize Group: Tramp*> 949
  call-interactively(widget-move-and-invoke nil nil)

  I see the same problem also on more recent versions of
Emacs (emacs- and Tramp (2.2.11).
Is this reproducible for you as well? 

  Kindest regards,


Emacs  : GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (x86_64-w64-mingw32)
 of 2014-10-21 on KAEL
Package: tramp (2.2.9-24.4)

current state:
State could not be dumped due to the following error:

(error Multibyte character in data for base64 encoding)

You should still send this bug report.
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