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tramp (2.2.11-24.5); auto-save remote buffer not respecting local direct

From: yary
Subject: tramp (2.2.11-24.5); auto-save remote buffer not respecting local directory
Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 11:42:58 -0400

Emacs is auto-saving remote buffers remotely, ignoring both
auto-save-file-name-transforms and tramp-auto-save-directory. The
enclosed session is from an "emacs -Q" session, so it has no
tramp-auto-save-directory and the default auto-save-file-name-transforms:

auto-save-file-name-transforms is a variable defined in `files.el'.
Its value is
"c:/Users/yhluc00/AppData/Local/Temp/\\2" t))

I am editing a large shell-script file, its path is

but emacs still auto-saves it remotely, pausing my session and asking
for a password. The Messages buffer shows me that it *is* matching the
auto-save-file-name-transforms variable and applying UNIQUIFY, just not
using the localk directory.

Copying c:/Users/yhluc00/AppData/Local/Temp/tramp.94442-y.ksh# to

Emacs  : GNU Emacs 24.5.1 (i686-pc-mingw32)
 of 2015-04-11 on LEG570
Package: tramp (2.2.11-24.5)

current state:
State could not be dumped due to the following error:

(error Multibyte character in data for base64 encoding)

You should still send this bug report.
local variables:
;; *tramp/pscp address@hidden
 default-directory "/pscp:address@hidden:/"

load-path shadows:

<#part type="text/plain" buffer="*tramp/pscp address@hidden"
description="*tramp/pscp address@hidden">

buffer="*debug tramp/pscp address@hidden" is in a pastebin at

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