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Help with tramp-theme

From: Live System User
Subject: Help with tramp-theme
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 16:54:38 -0400
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I need some assistance with settting up and using tramp-theme.el
version 0.1.1.

My tramp-theme-face-remapping-alist variable is listed below.

The error message I am seeing in the *Messages* buffer is:

Error during redisplay: (eval
(tramp-theme-mode-line-buffer-identification)) signaled
(wrong-type-argument stringp \"^root$\") [60 times]

Can you me to de bug this?

This is setup by:

1. emacs -Q
      (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/themes")
      (setq custom-theme-directory "~/.emacs.d/themes/")
      (setq tramp-theme-face-remapping-alist
         '((nil \"^root$\" (fringe (:inherit fringe :inverse-video t)))
          (\"^localhost$\" nil (default (:background \"Red\")))
          (\"^bar$\" nil (default (:background \"Green\")))))
4. load-theme tramp
5. C-x C-f /ssh:localhost:~/test.txt

I then see in the echo area:

Wrong type argument: stringp, \"^root$\"

The tramp-theme-face-remapping-alist varible is displayed by Emacs
is below.


tramp-theme-face-remapping-alist is a variable defined in ‘tramp-theme.el’.
Its value is shown below.

Face remapping for decoration of a remote buffer.
This is an alist of items (HOST USER REMAPPING-LIST).  HOST and
USER are regular expressions, or nil.  REMAPPING-LIST must be an
alist of face remappings as used by ‘face-remapping-alist’.  If
USER matches the remote user part of ‘default-directory’, and
HOST matches the remote host part of ‘default-directory’,
REMAPPING-LIST is applied to the current buffer.

For instance, the following settings change the background color
to "Red" for frames connected to the remote host "foo", it
changes the background color to "Green" for frames connected to
the remote host "bar", and it inverses the fringe face for
frames using the remote user "root":

   ’((nil "^root$" (fringe (:inherit fringe :inverse-video t)))
     ("^foo$" nil (default (:background "Red")))
     ("^bar$" nil (default (:background "Green"))))

Per default, ‘mode-line-buffer-identification’ is displayed
inverse for buffers which are editable with "root" permissions.

You can customize this variable.

Value: ((nil \"^root$\"
       (:inherit fringe :inverse-video t)))
 (\"^localhost$\" nil
    (:background \"Red\")))
 (\"^bar$\" nil
    (:background \"Green\"))))

Original value was 
((nil "^root$"
       (:inherit mode-line-buffer-id :inverse-video t))))


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