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Re: tramp (; Don't understand why prompt isn't recognized

From: Dave Abrahams
Subject: Re: tramp (; Don't understand why prompt isn't recognized
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2016 11:33:10 -0700
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/25.1 (darwin)

on Wed Oct 19 2016, Michael Albinus <> wrote:

> Dave Abrahams <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Dave,
>>>> Tramp just spins its little bar when trying to connect to a nearby
>>>> machine, and I can't tell why.
>>>> [3. text/plain; tramp-buffer]
>>>> Last login: Mon Oct 17 17:58:55 2016 from fe80::425:8609:c5f1:55a0%en3
>>> ]1337;address@hidden;CurrentDir=/Users/dave]1337;ShellIntegrationVersion=3;shell=bash]133;C;]133;D;0]1337;address@hidden;CurrentDir=/Users/dave]133;AWingy:~
>>>> dave$ ]133;BKilled by signal 15.
>>> This is a very strange prompt; Tramp is likely to be confused by
>>> this.
>> I didn't do anything explicit to set this prompt up, and I haven't
>> changed the prompt on the remote machine.  However, I have noticed that
>> ever since I upgraded to Emacs 25.1, I have seen similar very strange
>> looking prompts even from local `M-x shell' invocations within
>> emacs... although *that* doesn't seem to be reproducing now.
> The strings above are proprietary escape code sequences from iTerm2, see
> <>. Due to their
> proprietary nature, Emacs doesn't handle them.

Ach, you're a genius!  I'm sorry you had to figure that out for me.

> They don't seem to be part of the prompt (as I've suspected), but seem
> to be sent from your remote host during login. This must be suppressed
> at least on your remote host, and/or your local host.
>>> Pls change the prompt on your remote machine, the Tramp manual gives
>>> you some recipes.
>> Some other weird thing is going on; when I connect to that machine from
>> a terminal window, what I see looks very normal.
>> Skree:~ dave$ ssh wingy.local
>> Last login: Tue Oct 18 13:04:36 2016 from fe80::425:8609:c5f1:55a0%en3
>> Wingy:~ dave$
>> Wingy:~ dave$ logout
>> Connection to wingy.local closed.
>> Skree:~ dave$
> Likely, the escape codes are parsed internally only.
>> I don't see the recipes you're referring to in the TRAMP manual.  Do you
>> have a more specific pointer?
> The manual doesn't speak about iTerm2 in special. Well, likely you have
> in your remote ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile, ~/.login, whatever) a
> line like this:
> test -e "${HOME}/.iterm2_shell_integration.bash" && source 
> "${HOME}/.iterm2_shell_integration.bash"
> This must be suppressed. The Tramp Manual speaks about such techniques,
> see (info "(tramp) Frequently Asked Questions")
> Replace the line quoted above by something like
> [ $TERM = "dumb" ] || \
> test -e "${HOME}/.iterm2_shell_integration.bash" && \
> source "${HOME}/.iterm2_shell_integration.bash"

Good idea!

Thanks again, as usual.


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