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tramp-shell-open doesn't work with rc shell

From: Jeff Mickey
Subject: tramp-shell-open doesn't work with rc shell
Date: Thu, 19 Apr 2018 17:21:53 -0700

In tramp-open-shell, there is this line:

(tramp-send-command vec (format (concat "exec env TERM='%s' INSIDE_EMACS='%s,tramp:%s' " "ENV=%s %s PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1=%s PS2='' PS3='' %s %s") tramp-terminal-type emacs-version tramp-version ; INSIDE_EMACS (or (getenv-internal "ENV" tramp-remote-process-environment) "") And this breaks rc shells, as the '=' sign appearing after an initial command is an invalid syntax in this shell. The shell may support this syntax in a while, but it does not currently and has not since it was made.

I was thinking of trying to modify this to work on more shells by moving the single quotes around the entire arguments, as they are parsed by the env command anyways. So it'd look like "exec env 'TERM=%s'..." instead.

Is that reasonable? Would this break something I don't understand?

For context, here is where tramp-open-shell is located:


 //  codemac

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