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Re: tramp-shell-open doesn't work with rc shell

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp-shell-open doesn't work with rc shell
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2018 09:35:18 +0200
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Jeff Mickey <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Jeff,

> In tramp-open-shell, there is this line:
> (tramp-send-command     vec (format       (concat "exec env
> TERM='%s' INSIDE_EMACS='%s,tramp:%s'       " "ENV=%s %s
> PROMPT_COMMAND='' PS1=%s PS2='' PS3=''             %s %s")
> tramp-terminal-type emacs-version tramp-version  ;
> INSIDE_EMACS (or (getenv-internal "ENV"
> tramp-remote-process-environment) "") 
> And this breaks rc shells, as the '=' sign appearing after an initial
> command is an invalid syntax in this shell. The shell may support this
> syntax in a while, but it does not currently and has not since it was
> made.
> I was thinking of trying to modify this to work on more shells by
> moving the single quotes around the entire arguments, as they are
> parsed by the env command anyways. So it'd look like "exec env
> 'TERM=%s'..." instead.
> Is that reasonable? Would this break something I don't understand?

Thanks for this. I don't object if you provide a patch, could be applied
to Tramp if it passes the tests. The quoting of the values is just
because the underlying shell; any kind of `tramp-shell-quote-argument'
should work instead.

Pls add a comment in the patched tramp-sh.el why you do it this
way. Otherwise, it could be changed later on accidently. And pls provide
also a ChangeLog style explanation.

ADAICS, you haven't signed the FSF legal papers yet. No problem, w/o
signing you could provide patches up to ~15 lines, cumulative but w/o
the ChangeLog entry. If you intend to provide further patches to Emacs
and/or Tramp, you might consider to sign such papers.

> Thanks!
>  //  codemac

Best regards, Michael.

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