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Re: Quick guide improvements

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Quick guide improvements
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2018 17:54:52 +0200
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積丹尼 Dan Jacobson <address@hidden> writes:

>>> server, the most simple remote file name is
>>> ‘/ssh:address@hidden:/path/to/file’.
> MA> Why is this example better than the used one?
> Just put on its own line for clearer reading.

Hmm, it is a kind of style. Being it the "Short introduction how to use
TRAMP", I do not want to emphasize examples. Everything shall be compact.

I understand that other people would use another style, but this is
what's decided.

>>> (Don't use "::", as the remote file name ‘/ssh::’ opens a remote
>>> connection to yourself on the local host (for testing TRAMP) so
>>> ‘/’won't reach at all.)
> MA> I don't understand. Nobody has said you shall use
> MA> ‘/’. It is obvious wrong.
> Yes but at least mention "wrong".

No, this is a box of Pandora. There are so many possibilities to do it
wrong, I don't want to start to enumerate them. Every other day somebody
shows the next wrong syntax example worth to be added.

And from my presentation trainings I've learned one shouldn't show wrong
examples, for didactic reasons. People see them, and if they are visual
guys like me, they do remember them, and apply.

>>> P.S., this 'quick' guide needs a super quick cheatsheet up front.
> MA> A cheatsheet is usually for key strokes. Tramp doesn't offer any.
> MA> Anyway, you might show how it shall look like.
> /ssh:address@hidden:[/path/to/file]
> /adb::[/path/to/file]
> etc.
> All in one list, one per line. With no discussion.

Patch welcome.

Best regards, Michael.

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