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windows cmd.exe shell

From: Ben Hyde
Subject: windows cmd.exe shell
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2018 09:50:56 -0400

It has, after decades of resistance, become fairly easy[1] to run
and openssh’s sshd service on window. I’m embarrassed to ask this,
but does this august gathering have any sage advice about how to
leverage that via tramp?

So far the only thing that works is doing ssh from inside my
usual M-x shell buffer. That lets me do things, even if it
messes up the buffer’s rendering by swapping black for white.
Unsurprisingly dired, visiting files, … don’t work.

My usual trick for unearthing emacs secrets of this kind — code
search of elisp files on github — isn’t working very well this

ps. To characterize my usage: My visits to windows are analogous to
a business traveler who’s boss has sent him to a provincial city
in China and he’s trying to find the train into town at the
airport. For me, the good news is as soon as I’m allowed to go
home my interest in this will return to minimal.

pps. Honestly I don’t know how anybody get’s anything done without
Tramp these days.

[1] but getting the sshd
service to run was a bit of a hill climb. (Aside, chocolatey is
a very nice way to install emacs, unxUtils, etc. etc.)

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