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Re: Rclone?

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Rclone?
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2018 13:52:39 +0100
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Matt M <address@hidden> writes:

> Michael,

Hi Matt,

> When I try to open one of my rclone remotes in the same fashion, I get
> errors related to `group-name'.
> (I'm running emacs 26.1 on a mac.)
> I notice that `tramp.el' _conditionally_ uses group-name, where
> `tramp-rclone.el' does _not_ check for its existence before using it.
> Is this intentional?

It's an oversight. I've fixed this (and some other minor nuisances) in
the repository.

> Also, based on a quick code inspection, I may need GVfs on my machine
> to run this, right?  Macos doesn't provide for GVfs, so far as I know.

Well, the tramp-gvfs-* functions are used temporarily. I've detected,
that their code fits into tramp-rclone.el, so I've applied. Later on,
when this has been stabilized, I will refactor the code, and move the
functions to tramp.el.

Although tramp-gvfs.el doesn't work under macOS, it should at least be
loaded w/o problems. The functions are applicable then, which is OK for
the moment. Pls tell me if it doesn't work this way.

> I guess the easiest way to test/develop would be to use a VM or
> container running Linux with gnome installed, and run the development
> versions of both emacs and tramp?  Or, is there an easier way?

You could do this, but I hope Emacs 26 and Tramp from the repo shall
work under macOS. I will try to remember being backward compatible. Pls
beat me if I forget.

> Thanks!
> -- Matt

Best regards, Michael.

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