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Re: Rclone?

From: Ben Hyde
Subject: Re: Rclone?
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2018 15:32:45 -0500

On 28 Nov 2018, at 3:27, Michael Albinus wrote:

"Ben Hyde" <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Ben,

I spy:

Tramp: Opening connection for dropbox_ben using rclone...
Host name ‘dropbox_ben’ does not match ‘\`\(127\.0\.0\.1\|::1\|elm-3\.local\|localhost6?\)\'’

This looks like tramp-rclone.el hasn't been loaded.

Loading that made all the difference. I can now browse dropbox, edit files, etc. I didn’t
stress it very much though.

The s3 store I configure in rclone didn’t really work in rclone. So, it only barely worked
via tramp.

when I try to visit “/rclone:dropbox_ben:”

The rclone config for dropbox_ben is fine, i.e. I can rclone mount it,
ls, etc.

I set this up as so:

(use-package tramp
:quelpa (tramp :fetcher git
:url "git://"
:files ("lisp/*.el"))
:commands (tramp-file-prefix)
(require 'tramp-compat)

The :quelpa clause is new, so I now get a fresher tramp, and the
require of tramp-compat seemed to
help so I had tramp-with-mutex.

I don't know the :quelpa argument, but likely it does what it says:
fetching the Tramp sources "lisp/*.el". However, Tramp's *.el files
cannot be taken as-is. Additionally, trampver.el and tramp-autoloads.el
must be generated, this is what Tramp's Makefile does.

I rather recommend you to clone Tramp's git repository, and to run the
usual "./configure; make".

Understood. Kind of surprising it’s working as well as it does :).

And maybe somebody who knows the `use-package' :quelpa mechanism could
enhance your recipe to a proper installation.

Quelpa isn’t going to cheerfully do the ./configure; make dance; it’s not
in it’s nature.

There's also something like ":commands (tramp-file-prefix)" I don't understand.

I'm not aware of a Lisp object `tramp-file-prefix'.

Yeah that’s quite bogus. I blame mindless copy/paste.

I would be willing to help (and to
add the final recipe to the Tramp manual, when working).

* ben

Best regards, Michael.

Thanks, if I make more progress i’ll report back.

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