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Re: Info errors

From: Colin Baxter
Subject: Re: Info errors
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2018 14:18:06 +0000
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>>>>> Michael Albinus <address@hidden> writes:

    > Colin Baxter <address@hidden> writes:
    >> Dear Michael,

    > Hi Colin,

    >> >> makeinfo (GNU texinfo) 5.2
    >> > Well, I have
    >> > texi2any (GNU texinfo) 6.5
    >> > Likely, this makes the difference. Will see, whether I could
    >> test > with that older version.
    >> Yes, I think you are correct. I have updated my makeinfo to
    >> texi2any 6.5 and tramp now builds satisfactorily with no errors.

    > I've adapted the Makefile that you do not enter this trap again,
    > when you have installed makeinfo 5 or 4.

Reverting back to makeinfo 5.2, I can confirm that tramps builds
satisfactorily with no errors.

Thanks again.

Colin Baxter

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