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Re: tramp (; Losing file permissions with tramp-gvfs

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp (; Losing file permissions with tramp-gvfs
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2019 12:57:53 +0200
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Markus Huber <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello,

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the report!

> i've a problem with keeping file permissions after editing via
> tramp-gvfs - i think, it's tramp-gvfs (gvfs!) related.  I love
> tramp-gvfs very much, because it integrates very well in my gnome
> environment.
> I have no idea, where i can jump in... without tramp, using Ange-FTP,
> all works fine - but it is not as comfortable and limited to FTP.

I have implemented set-file-modes in tramp-gvfs.el. It works only for
the ftp and sftp methods due to limitations of gio, but this isn't a
problem for you I guess :-)

Pushed to the repositories. Will appear with Tramp in GNU ELPA,
scheduled for the end of the month. If you want to test it just now,
install Tramp from GNU ELPA, and apply the patch from

> Thanks for any help!

Best regards, Michael.

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