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Re: Using tramp-log-to-file variable with -Q

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: Using tramp-log-to-file variable with -Q
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2020 18:08:18 +0100
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Mikhail P <> writes:

> Hi,

Hi Mikhail,

> I am trying to use loggin to a file feature. To do so I cloned and
> compiled tramp from source. Then I try to run
> ~/bin/emacs -Q -l tramp --eval="(progn (add-to-list 'load-path
> \"/path/to/elisp/dir/tramp\") (require 'tramp) (setq tramp-verbose 10)
> (setq tramp-use-ssh-controlmaster-options nil) (setq
> tramp-debug-to-file t))"

Don't use "-l tramp", it loads Tramp from Emacs' location. And pls use
"/path/to/elisp/dir/tramp/lisp", in case you work directly over the git repo.

> Running M-x locate-library gives the correct path to compiled tramp,
> not the sytem-wide one. However C-h v tramp-debug-to-file does not
> give anything. I see tramp debug buffers but nothing in /tmp (which is
> the temporary-files-folder). Everything works if I run it without -Q .
> .. i.e. with evaluating my .emacs file.

If it still doesn't work, please report (again) via "M-x tramp-bug".
This creates an email with all the needed information about.

> Thanks,
> Mikhail

Best regards, Michael.

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