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Re: tramp (2.5.0-pre nil/nil); Cannot write to /sudo::file in /boot pa

From: Yikai Zhao
Subject: Re: tramp (2.5.0-pre nil/nil); Cannot write to /sudo::file in /boot partition
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2020 23:23:34 +0800
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The patch works well for me. I can successfully save without any error. Thanks!

On Mon, Dec 21, 2020, at 22:58, Michael Albinus wrote:
"Yikai Zhao" <> writes:


> I think this should be a fairly common use case (everyone's boot
> partition must be a FAT filesystem, right?) and it would be great to
> see it resolved by tramp.

It doesn't seem to be fairly common. Otherwise, I would have seen such
bug reports the last 20 years.

> Can we maybe detect this kind of error (by parsing the output of cp?)
> to ignore it? Or can we detect the destination filesystem type to drop
> the "-p" argument of cp? Or, at the very least, can we have a
> buffer-local option to control the arguments of the cp command?

Well, Tramp is just a stupid library, it does what it is instructed to do.
"cp -f -p ..." is applied only if there is a function call (copy-file ...)
with non-nil PRESERVE-UID-GID (see docstring of copy-file).

What happens if you apply the appended patch?

Best regards, Michael.

Best regards, Michael.


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