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Re: TRAMP + Sudo infinite loop weirdness

From: Vlad
Subject: Re: TRAMP + Sudo infinite loop weirdness
Date: Thu, 11 Mar 2021 17:14:40 +0100
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Many thanks! This info solved my problem.
It seems my shell "fish" was at fault. I did not catch unto this, because it worked when connecting as non-sudo.

Initially I changed my shell from fish, back to csh. This solved the issue.
Then I read up in the tramp manual, that /bin/sh is requested, when connecting via the "sshx" or the "plink" method. Switching the command from ssh to sshx finally solved the problem properly. I now have my fish shell back and sshx properly requests /bin/sh. Edit as sudo now works properly.

Best regards,


On 11/03/2021 14:50, Michael Albinus wrote:
Vlad <> writes:

Dear tramp-devel Team,
Hi Vlad,

I'm having a though time editing files with emacs (GNU Emacs 27.1 (build
1, x86_64-pc-linux-gnu) of 2020-09-26) as sudo on my server (FreeBSD 12).
The SSH connection is established via ssh-keys.

Editing files via Tramp (find-file "ssh:user@machine:/") everything 100%
works, however, doing (find-file "ssh:user@machine|sudo:root@machine:/")
does not work *most of the time*. One out of 20 of entering this
find-file command, I get the remote password prompt to enter my remote
user's password to get a tramp connection with sudo privileges. However,
most of the time, Tramp produces trash inputs into the password field by
itself, instead of giving me the password prompt. As a result, either
nothing happens or emacs get's stuck in a loop and C-g crashes emacs.

"tramp-verbose 10" reveals the culprit being a repeated series of "exec
sudo -u root -s -H -p P""a""s""s""w""o""r""d"": /bin/sh"
"^[[?2004lPassword:" "Sorry, try again." instead of giving me the
password prompt.

Full verbose log attached to this mail.

Anything I can do to stop tramp from acting up?
You have nasty escape seqences in your shell output, like this:

--8<---------------cut here---------------start------------->8---
[?2004hflan@flandre /u/h/flan>
--8<---------------cut here---------------end--------------->8---

2004h, for example, stands for bracketed paste mode. Can you convince
your remote shell to suppress it? The Tramp manual speaks about

Best regards,

Best regards, Michael.

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