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Re: tramp path-munging breaks remote compilation

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: tramp path-munging breaks remote compilation
Date: Sun, 06 Jun 2021 08:51:57 +0200
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Kevin Broadey <> writes:

Hi Kevin,

> I can understand tramp wanting control of the path for remote file
> operations. I agree with that. But when tramp chooses to inveigle
> itself into running “make” remotely, then surely it knows it isn’t
> trying to do a remote file operation and ought to do something
> differently to support the remote USER COMMAND EXECUTION operation
> instead. Such as not hose the path that the use has carefully set up.

Creating a remote asynchronous process requires also kind of
hand-shaking, including call of remote programs. So the argument still

However, in Tramp 2.5 there is an alternative way to call remote
asynchronous processes, called "direct async process". This could fit
your needs better.

If you don't use Tramp 2.5 yet, I recommend you to install the recent
Tramp from GNU ELPA. Read in its manual the section "6.5.7
Improving performance of asynchronous remote processes".

Best regards, Michael.

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