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Re: #include directives propagate in the POT.

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: #include directives propagate in the POT.
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:32:41 +0000

В 13:14 +0300 на 21.08.2008 (чт), Kaloian Doganov написа:
> Why those blank lines are considered a problem?  This looks like a
> cosmetic issue, not a stopper.

It is not a stopper (the original problem was) and surely is a cosmetic
issue.  I find it annoying because of the huge diff noise.  I just built
a short article (schools) with po4a 0.34 and the diff between the result
and what's in www (generated by 0.33) is 20K.  Anyway, it's just a
nuisance, nothing more.

> The output LANG.html files are validated successfully when we drop the
> escaping of <!--#include --> directives:

Yes, so I agree that there is no sense to hold an upgrade to the last
Po4a release.  Please install the patch after tonight's trans-coord
build, and I'll install 0.34 at fencepost until tomorrow evening.

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