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Re: Recently added language

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: Recently added language
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 14:58:20 +0300

В 11:11 +0000 на 30.06.2010 (ср), ineiev написа:
> Few nights ago Albanian language files began to appear in the repository.
> What I'm curious about is why nobody has

>   TEMPLATE_LINGUAS := af ar bg ca cs el es fa fr he id it ja ml nl pl pt \
> -                    pt-br ru sk sr ta tr uk vi zh-cn
> +                    pt-br ru sk sq sr ta tr uk vi zh-cn

> ed yet.

I guess because most people do not bother to read documentation.

>  Does it only break _my_ local regeneration?

No, it breaks the official build too, as can be evidenced by error
messages to trans-coord-discuss.  I added Albanian now.

Actually, this can be considered a bug in GNUN -- since I never ever
anticipated such scenario (I naively assumed the manual is going to be
read), there are checks for article-rules but not for the homepages and
gnunews.  (That's why the error message comes from m4 instead of
something more understandable.)  Will fix that shortly.

P.S.: Could you please enumerate the reasons why you build locally?
This should not be necessary for team leaders, and for regular
translators even more so.

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