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Doubt with GNUN

From: Fabio Gonzalez
Subject: Doubt with GNUN
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2012 13:28:49 -0300

I read some of the documentation [1]. When I try to run make, I get
the following error:

make: Entering directory `/home2/sprog/web/dev/www/server/gnun'
[ -f ../../server/po/head-include-2.pot ] || (touch
../../server/po/head-include-2.pot  ; echo "SKIP:"  add
/home2/sprog/software/lib/gnun/mailfail --dry-run address@hidden
"[GNUN Error] POT generation of server/po/head-include-2.pot failed"
--format=xhtml --master-charset=utf-8 -o ontagerror=silent -o
"attributes=<meta>content" -o "untranslated=W<gnun> W<script>" -o
"translated=W<pre>" -o porefs=none --master
../../server/head-include-2.html --po
/home2/sprog/software/lib/gnun/mailfail: line 55: --format=xhtml:
command not found
make: ** [../../server/po/head-include-2.pot] Erro 127
make: Leaving directory `/home2/sprog/web/dev/www/server/gnun'

When I try to run
gnun-preconvert help.html

I get the following error:
/ home2/sprog/bin/gnun-preconvert: line 86:-f: command not found


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