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Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: 'make publish' does not copy compendia
Date: Sat, 05 Jan 2013 13:06:18 +0400
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On 01/05/2013 12:25 AM, D. Barbier wrote:
On 2013/1/4 Ineiev wrote:
It seems to me that compendium.XX.po (when present) should be handled
like regular POs, but the reports should ignore fuzzy and absent
translations. WDYT?

Frankly I have no idea.  Maybe it would be better to write something like:
   compendium.XX.po: file skipped

Certainly it would be much easier.

Okay, but sometimes files are rightfully modified in www (for instance
a validation fix has been committed into www by a webmaster) and
changes must be copied into team's repository.  'make report' is smart
and tell us that this file is in an inconsistent state, but it must be
copied manually.

We could compare the dates of modifications, but it might not work in
general case (I can imagine the situation when a translator fixes
a typo in some string in team's version, and the coordinator
modifies translation of another string for some reason in `www');
perhaps this shall require manual work, though in most cases it
will amount in checking the diff and copying the whole file.

A similar issue we are facing just now is when master.XX.po modifies
PO files in www; those PO files must be copied into our team's
repository, but there is no trivial way to do so.

I think this could be addressed if we take the translations from master.XX.po and give them higher priority when merging the files.

I see, you are surely right, I should not bother updating since it is very unlikely that untranslated messages
appear in this file.  But the problem of syncing this file into our
www-fr repository still remains.

Can removing it from www-fr be a solution? is it essentially needed there?

Yes, we will remove it, but IMHO this will not solve everything, other
PO files will have from time to time to be copied from www into our
team's repository.

Probably it won't be a real issue if it is not too often.

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