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[Trans-coord-news] Encoding the name of Azerbaijani language on the main

From: Wojciech Kotwica
Subject: [Trans-coord-news] Encoding the name of Azerbaijani language on the main page
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 12:48:08 +0100
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What we have
There is a link on our main page /home.html (and its translated
versions) pointing to Azerbaijani version of the page. The link
is included from /translations.include file:
  <a href="/">Az&#x04d9;rbaycanca</a> <!-- Azerbaijani -->
Where "&#x04d9;" entity represents small letter schwa (which looks
like "e" turned upside down).

Could we change this "&#x04d9;" into "&#x0259;"?

A. Formal
Both U+04d9 and U+0259 mean small letter "schwa", both have
the same graphical representation. The only different between
them is that U+04d9 is to be used in cyrillic scripts and
U+0259 is for "all usages of schwa in latin scripts other
than Pan-Nigerian alphabet".
We have the word "Az*rbaycanca", written in the Latin alphabet,
so we should use latin version of letter schwa, not cyrillic.
B. Practical
There are more fonts containing U+0259 than containing U+04d9,
so more visitors can see U+0259 character properly displayed
than for U+04d9.


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