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Re: [Trans-coord-news] polish gnusflashes.include file

From: Wojciech Kotwica
Subject: Re: [Trans-coord-news] polish gnusflashes.include file
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 20:47:10 +0200
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Nic Ferrier wrote:
Wojciech Kotwica <address@hidden> writes:

Nic Ferrier wrote:

I think you changed the access attributes on:


so that it is read only. This stops the news scripts updating the

Was this intentional?

Certainly not. I never change attributes of the files in CVS,
don't even thought how to do it. Could you please fix it?

Ok. That's strange then.

Hmm, I changed my system on 31th May, and haven't noticed that
in this distribution default umask is 022. Could be the mess
*is* my fault.

I've fixed it now.
> FFR you can just chmod a file and then CVS commit it and it changes
> the file on the repository.

I've just set up my umask to '000' and checked out '-l www'
into a new, empty local directory. And... all gnuflashes.*
files to have 'r--r--r--' attribute (except the one for English,
'gnuflashes.include', which has rw-rw-rw-). But the file
'gnuflashes.polish.include' *is* up-todate, generated today.
I cannot understand this.


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