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Re: [Trans-coord-news] polish gnusflashes.include file

From: Nic Ferrier
Subject: Re: [Trans-coord-news] polish gnusflashes.include file
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2005 21:11:36 +0100

Wojciech Kotwica <address@hidden> writes:

> Nic Ferrier wrote:
>> Wojciech Kotwica <address@hidden> writes:
>>>Nic Ferrier wrote:
>>>>I think you changed the access attributes on:
>>>>  gnusflashes.include.polish
>>>>so that it is read only. This stops the news scripts updating the
>>>>Was this intentional?
>>>Certainly not. I never change attributes of the files in CVS,
>>>don't even thought how to do it. Could you please fix it?
>> Ok. That's strange then.
> Hmm, I changed my system on 31th May, and haven't noticed that
> in this distribution default umask is 022. Could be the mess
> *is* my fault.
>> I've fixed it now.
>  > FFR you can just chmod a file and then CVS commit it and it changes
>  > the file on the repository.
> I've just set up my umask to '000' and checked out '-l www'
> into a new, empty local directory. And... all gnuflashes.*
> files to have 'r--r--r--' attribute (except the one for English,
> 'gnuflashes.include', which has rw-rw-rw-). But the file
> 'gnuflashes.polish.include' *is* up-todate, generated today.
> I cannot understand this.

Did you use command line CVS to check them out? or some tool sitting
on top of CVS?

Some CVS tools turn on the "check out everything read only" switch of
CVS. This is very bad IMHO but might be what is happening here.


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