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Re: gnuprolog and P233, and linux

From: Jose Maria Peña
Subject: Re: gnuprolog and P233, and linux
Date: Mon, 09 Oct 2000 09:01:41 +0200


Hi Juan:

Probably, the file name is wrong, a RPM package file should have a
name like:
RPM installation tool uses the name format as a first validation
process. (i386,i686,src,....)

If you still have problems with the package, you may try to install it
ignoring the architecture warning. You can skip the architecture check
using the options --ignorearch and --ignoreos

I don't think the optimisation for P2 or P3 may be the cause, but if you
have a file name ending with ...i686.rpm a better option is to compile
it by your own. GProlog compiles quite good.


> Dear sirs.
> I have downloaded de gnuprolog package, the rpm for ix86-linux, but when I
> tried to install it in a P233 machine i received that the prolog cannot be
> installed because of "different architecture". I then guess that the package
> was compiled with P2 or P3 ehnacements of some kind.
> I ask to you if there is a version for my p233 available and for redhat 6.
> Or may be that i am wrong and it is a easier workaround for this problem to
> be solved
> Thanks for your kindly attention,
> from Madrid, Spain.
> Juan Luis García.
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