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Re: Trouble compiling gprolog 1.2.3 on FreeBSD

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Trouble compiling gprolog 1.2.3 on FreeBSD
Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2000 09:15:17 +0100

address@hidden said:
> Hello,
> I'm having trouble compiling the gprolog 1.2.3. "configure" works, as
> does "gmake" up to the point, when it starts to make target "pl2wam".
> I get tons of messages like: pl2wam.o: In function `predicate(pl2wam/
> 1)': pl2wam.o(.text+0x24): undefined reference to `_Put_Structure'
> pl2wam.o(.text+0x33): undefined reference to `_Unify_Local_Value'
> pl2wam.o(.text+0x4d): undefined reference to `_Put_Structure' etc.


this problem has been addressed by Seiichiro SAKURAI <address@hidden>
 in this mailing list. He proposed:

address@hidden said:
> I have installed GNU prolog 1.2.1 on FreeBSD(4.0-STABLE). However,
> gprolog wasn't compiled successfully. I think that the reason is the
> difference of symbol table handling between NetBSD and FreeBSD.

> I have modified the Ma2Asm/ix86_any.c as following:d

> #if defined(M_ix86_cygwin) || defined(M_ix86_bsd) #ifndef __FreeBSD__
> #define UN                         "_" #else #define UN #endif

> #else

> #define UN

> #endif

> Thanks in advance.

> Seiichiro SAKURAI 

                 Daniel Diaz
University of Paris 1      INRIA Rocquencourt
   75013 Paris           78153 Le Chesnay Cedex
     FRANCE                     FRANCE
        email: address@hidden

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