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GNU Prolog - other platfoems - where download?

From: Ron Stodden
Subject: GNU Prolog - other platfoems - where download?
Date: Sun, 06 May 2001 19:26:04 +1000

Your web pages ( states GNU
Prolog to be available on the following supported platforms:

ix86 / GNU/Linux
ix86 / Win32 using Cygwin
ix86 / Win32 using MSVC++
ix86 / SCO
ix86 / Solaris
ix86 / FreeBSD
ix86 / OpenBSD
ix86 / NetBSD
PowerPC / GNU/Linux
sparc / SunOS
sparc / Solaris

Yet offers no download option for anything but the first!

Where is the download site for the other above supported platforms?

Ron. [au]

Kindly note my new email address: address@hidden
and new web site:

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