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GPROLOG Crashes with MSVC++

From: Tim Brown
Subject: GPROLOG Crashes with MSVC++
Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 18:11:22 +0000
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can anyone help me with this...

I am trying to build a program (a DLL eventually) on Windows 2000 but it crashes with:

The instruction at 0x0047a9c7 referenced memory at 0x0000404. The memory could not be read.

The program is:

extern "C" {
#include "gprolog.h"

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
        printf("Hello World!\n");
  Pl_Query_Begin(TRUE); // Recover data after query
  Pl_Query_End(TRUE); // Recover data after query
        printf("Goodbye World!\n");
        return 0;

And the point it crashes at is in: Create_Choice_Point


Prolog compiler (GNU Prolog) 1.2.8
By Daniel Diaz
Copyright (C) 1999-2001 Daniel Diaz
You may redistribute copies of GNU Prolog
under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the files named COPYING.

Path used: G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src (development mode)

*** Compiling

--- file: gpltest.cpp
cl /nologo /MD -c -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsFD -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsPl -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EngineFD -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EnginePl -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Fd2C -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Linedit -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Ma2Asm -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Ma2Asm\FromC -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Pl2Wam -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\RPM -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\TopComp -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\W32GUICons -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\W32GUICons\Debug -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\W32GUICons\hlp -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\W32GUICons\res -IG:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\Wam2Ma /FoC:\DOCUME~1\tim\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc2.obj gpltest.cpp

*** Linking

cl /nologo /Fegpltest G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EnginePl\obj_begin.obj C:\DOCUME~1\tim\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc2.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsPl\all_pl_bips.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsFD\all_fd_bips.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsPl\top_level.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsPl\debugger.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsFD\libbips_fd.lib G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EngineFD\libengine_fd.lib G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\BipsPl\libbips_pl.lib G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EnginePl\obj_end.obj G:\gnu\gprolog-1.2.8\src\EnginePl\libengine_pl.lib /link /subsystem:console

delete C:\DOCUME~1\tim\LOCALS~1\Temp\gplc2.obj

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