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GNU Prolog 1.4.0 is released

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: GNU Prolog 1.4.0 is released
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 16:14:38 +0200
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gprolog 1.4.0 has just been released (see

Here are the main changes which can lead to backward compatibility issues:

strict_iso prolog flag:
  • turned on by default (was off in previous versions).
  • when set to off a callable is no longer accepted instead of a predicate indicator, e.g. for current_predicate/1 (was accepted in previous versions).
  • only accept a Head (a callable) (also accepted a predicate indicator in previous versions) whatever the strict_iso flag. NB: A backward compatible predicate '$predicate_property_pi'/2 is provided.
  • control constructs (like (',')/2, (;)/2, !/0,...) are new found by predicate_property/2 (were not returned in previous versions). Attached properties are: built_in, control_construct.
  • FD built-in predicates have also the property built_in (in addition to built_in_fd) (property built_in was not attached in previous versions).

Here is a list of changes since version 1.3.1:

* GNU Prolog is now licensed under a dual license LGPL or GPL
* port to x86_64/MinGW - many thanks to:
  Jasper Taylor <address@hidden> (see src/WINDOWS64)
* port to x86_64/MSVC (see src/WINDOWS64)
* add a configure option to control Windows HtmlHelp
  --disable-htmlhelp or --enable-htmlhelp[=static/dynamic]
* improve a lot (and fix some bugs in) the Windows GUI Console
* change location of gprologvars.bat under Windows (in install directory)
* increase default stack sizes (32Mb for heap, 16Mb for others)
* change the default setting for flag strict_iso: it is on now
* add control constructs to the predicate table
* modify predicate_property/2 (built_in_fd ==> built_in, add control_construct)
  only accepts a Head (a callable) (no longer a predicate indicator)
* fix a bug in the compiler (bad unification with singleton variable)
* fix a bug with strict_iso flag (was not passed to consult)
* add shebang support using #!/usr/bin/gprolog --consult-file
* modify the mangling scheme for future module support (see hexgplc)
* fix write_term default options (now numbervars(false) and namevars(false))
* fix read/1: tab and newlines are not accepted inside single/back/double quoted tokens
* add additional errors to compare/3 and keysort/2
* accept space under the top-level (same as ;)
* modify portray_clause/1-2 to add a newline at the end of the output
* add acyclic_term/1 (compatibility only since GNU Prolog does not handle cyclic terms)
* fix write/1 to treat '$VARNAME'(Atom) as a var name only if Atom is a valid var name
* rename evaluable functor atan/2 as atan2/2 and >< as xor
* add evaluable functor div/2
* detect op/3 error cases for | [] {}
* replace type_error(variable, X) by uninstantiation_error(X) (e.g. open/3-4)
* add built-in term_variables/2-3 and subsumes_term/2
* add some type tests on chars and codes (in number_chars/2, number_codes/2,..)
* fix some little bugs in the parser
* add meta_predicate property to predicate_property/2
* fix a memory leak in atom_concat/3 (in case of failure)
* add infix operator '|' (and allow it to be unquoted in read/write)
* improve top-level variables display adding () when needed
* support the ISO multifile/1 directive
* add built-ins false/0 and forall/2
* detect an instantiation_error in phrase/2-3
* allow rounding functions to accept an integer if strict_iso is off
* group all examples under a new directory 'examples'
* fix a bug in read_from_codes/2 and number_codes/2
* improve speed of built-in predicates on list (append, member, reverse,...).
* improve CTRL+C handling under the top-level
* add is_list/1 (same as list/1)
* add Prolog flags: dialect, home, host_os, host_vendor, host_cpu,
  host, arch, version, version_data, unix, argv
* add preprocessor directives if/1 else/0 elif/1 endif/0
* fix a bug on large ints in the byte-code for 64-bits machine
* fix a bug with call/2-N
* change listing/0-1 printing stream: now it is current_output
* add a new stream alias: user_error associated to stderr
* add evaluable functors: (a)sinh/1, (a)cosh/1, (a)tanh/1
* add evaluable functors: epsilon/0, lsb/1, msb/1, popcount/1
* fix compilation problem under Mac OS X Snow Leopard (force 32-bits mode)
* add evaluable functors: log/2, gcd/2, tan/1, atan2/2, pi/0, e/0
* add built-in ground/1
* rename built-in sort0 as msort
* add new error detection for keysort
* accept (but ignore) directive encoding/1
* add xor/2 (bitwise XOR) ^/2 becomes integer exponentiation
* improve randomize/0 (more different values on consecutive calls)
* relax the lexer to also accept 0'' (ISO requires 0''' or 0'\') is strict_iso is off
* fix a bug with top-level options --entry-goal and --query-goal

Enjoy !


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