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Re: multilines strings "a la python"

From: Algaba
Subject: Re: multilines strings "a la python"
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2015 19:48:07 +0100
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it's just a matter of ease of use, the simplest method by far is:
text verbatim to be copied

Since prolog is a great language for text processing, there are *lots* of strings. It's a bit contradictory not to have the easiest method for long strings in the toolset.

Having said this, I'll keep using gprolog, it's simply an inconvenience to insert "\n\" back
and  forth.

El 02/02/15 09:45, Ulrich Neumerkel escribió:
Unfortunately that text contains extra spaces which are not removed so that
is not a solution in general. Would ISO allow using `...` as multiline
string delimiter?
What is the use case for having significant spaces at the end of a
line *and* the need to see the text structure verbatim.  This is
certaintly not the text of a programming language where only trailing
spaces are not significant except for continuation lines in strings.

The syntax of back quoted string (* 6.4.7 *) is defined already.  So
if you want an extension using them you have to use that syntax and
maybe only recognize a subset of it as a valid extension.  The syntax
is essentially the same of the double quoted list tokken (* 6.4.6 *)
and quoted token (* 6.4.2 *).

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