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[Uucp-general] UUCP sessions from outside do not work

From: Jutta Wrage
Subject: [Uucp-general] UUCP sessions from outside do not work
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2020 19:34:31 +0100


I need some help on uucp after moving to a new server.

The Problem: Sites trying to get their uucp spool get disconnected directly 
after "DEBUG: zget_uucp_cmd: Got " uucp Servername".

The underlying SSH-Conection works and they get the login commands from UUCP 
server. Else The won't see above message anyway.

I have compared all file permissions to taht from the old server. but looks 
like the only difference to the new server is the passwd entry for user uucp, 
showing "nologin" now.

Systen is debian based.

Any idea what needs to be changed to get it running again?



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