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[VM] Re: buffer-modified flags

From: Aidan Kehoe
Subject: [VM] Re: buffer-modified flags
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2011 22:46:39 +0000
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 Ar an t-ochtú lá déag de mí Márta, scríobh Uday Reddy: 

 > Over time, the buffer-modified flags of VM (the "*" or "**" indicators on
 > the modeline that say whether a buffer has been modified) have become
 > chaotic.
 > It seems to me that the only modifications that matter are the modifications
 > to the folder.  And, that information should be shown in both the Summary
 > and Presentation buffers.  In other words, the  Summary and Presentation
 > buffers shouldn't maintain their own buffer-modified flags.
 > What do you think?

Yeah, that’s exactly the right approach.

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